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             ON Tuesday    THE 02ND DAY OF September 2014 
                        AT 10.30 AM
                   COURT HALL NO : 4
                	LIST NO : 1
NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 1
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp

   1. RFA      1105/2004             (DEC     ,        ) MALLIKARJUN C BASAREDDY           V/O/D/24/01/2014 ISSUE NOTICE  
      NON-FURNISHING OF FPF,                            FOR A1A-J & 2                     THE COUNSEL FOR R1 IS SERVED   
      POSTAL ADDRESSED COVER,                                                             R B DESHPANDE FOR R1           
      ACK AND IA-1 & 2/2013 COPIES,                                                       R3A - DELETED                  
      TO ISSUE OF NOTICE TO SRI.                                                          H RAMACHANDRA                  
      H. RAMACHANDRA ADV. FOR                                                             FOR R2,R3D,R3F                 
      R2,R3D,F AS PER ORDER                                                               R3B-R3F ARE LRS OF DECD.R3A    
      DTD: 24-01-2014                                                                     GANGAVVA :  R3B-SD.            
      (THE APPEAL IS DISMISSED                                                            B N PUJER :  R3C-SD.           
      FOR NON-PROSECUTION ON                                                              RENUKA : R3E-SD.               
      (DD FILES RFA 1306/2004 &                                                                                          
      RFA 2306/2006 + LCR K/B)                                                                                           

   2. RSA      1462/2007             (SP      ,        ) R M KULKARNI : HEMALEKHA K S      K G LAKSHMIPATHI : D.N.KAGWAD  
      STEPS TO BE TAKEN IN R/O                                                            FOR C/R4 : CP NO 471/07        
      DECD R1                                                                             VEENA HEGDE FOR R4 & R5        
                                                                                          R2 & R3 ARE SERVED             
   3. RSA      5467/2009             (INJ     ,        ) F S DABALI                        R1-ACK RECEIVED                
      FURNISHING OF FPF, CA, ACK,                                                         R2-ABATED                      
      COVERS, COPIES ETC., TO                                                             BHEERAPPA:R3A-SD               
      ISSUE NOTICE TO R1                                                                  NINGAPPA:R3B-SD                
      FOR 2ND TIME                                                                        MALLESHAPPA:R3C-SD             
      NON FILING OF PAPER BOOKS                                                                                          

   4. RSA      5855/2010             (DEC/INJ ,        ) P V GUNJAL                        S K DESHPANDE FOR R1           
      NON-AMENDMENT OF THE                                                                R2-SERVED                      
      NON FURNISHING OF FPF, CA,                                                                                         
      ACK, COVERS, COPIES ETC.,                                                                                          
      TO ISSUE NOTICE TO R3                                                                                              
      (BOTH LCR KEPT BELOW)                                                                                              

   5. RSA      5926/2010             (DEC/INJ ,        ) A P MURARI                        T M NADAF FOR R1A-R1C,         
      COMPROMISE PETITION                               V SHIVARAJ HIREMATH               R6A-C,R13A-D,R12               
      (OTHER PARTIES TO BE                                                                V R DATAR FOR R2-R5,R7-R11&R14 
      (BOTH LCR KEPT BELOW)                                                                                              

   6. RSA      6095/2010             (PAR     ,        ) I G GACHCHINAMATH :               M C BANDI ASSOCIATES           
      MEMO FOR RETIREMENT FILED                         G I GACHCHINAMATH :               FOR R2-R6                      
      BY THE SRI.G.I.GACHCHINAMATH                                                        R1-ABATED                      
      ADV. FOR APPELLANT.                                                                                                
      NON-COMPLIANCE OF O/OBJNS                                                                                          
      RAISED ON LR'S APPLN. OF                                                                                           
      DECD R1 REG:COPY TO BE                                                                                             

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 2
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
   7. RSA      6099/2010             (INJ     ,        ) SANGRAM S KULKARNI                R M HIREMATH                   
      NON FILING OF CORRECTED                                                             HARISH S MAIGUR FOR C/R1-R7    
      CAUSE-TITLE IN RA JUDGMENT                                                          (CP-2882/2010)                 
      & DECREE                                                                                                           

   8. RSA      6104/2010             (INJ     ,        ) PRABHAKAR A KULKARNI              LEXPLEXUS & C M POONACHA       
      NON-COMPLIANCE OF O/OBJNS                         GIRISH A YADWAD                   FOR C/R1-2 ( CP 2890/10 )      
      AT SL.NO.1                                                                                                         
      OFFICE OBJECTION AT SL.NO.2                                                                                        
      & 3 A/W COUNSEL SUBMISSION                                                                                         

   9. RFA      3103/2011             (DEC     ,        ) SURESH P HUDEDAGADDI              VIJAYKUMAR B HORATTI FOR R2&R3 
      STEPS TO BE TAKEN IN R/O                          MRUTYUNJAY TATA BANGI             R1-DECD                        
      DECEASED R1                                                                                                        

  10. RFA      3128/2011             (PAR     ,        ) G R ANDANIMATH &                  R.P.UGARGOL : S.B.HAVALDAR     
      FILING OF PAPER BOOKS                             P S BENDAGERI                     FOR R1-R4                      
                                                                                          GNGAVVA MALLESHAPPA            
                                                                                          DHARWAD : R5-SERVED            
                                                                                          KASTUREWWA.S.KAJAGAR :R6-SD    
                                                                                          NEELAWWA.B.BALIGAR : R7-SD     
  11. RSA      5973/2012             (        ,        ) V G BHAT                          ARAVIND D KULKARNI FOR R1      
      FOR FURTHER ORDERS                                VINAY S HEGDE                     SHAMALA :R2-SD                 
      (BOTH LCR ARE AWAITED)                                                              HEMA :R3-SD                    
                                                                                          R4-SUMA-HELD SUFFICIENT        
                                                                                          ASHWIN :R5-SD                  
                                                                                          ANAND :R6-SD                   
                                                                                          SATISH :R7-SD                  
                                                                                          NEELKANTA :R8-SD               
                                                                                          R9-KIRAN ISHWAR-HELD           
                                                                                          UMA :R10-SD                    
     Connected With
  RSA          5887/2012                                 V G BHAT : V S HEGDE              ARAVIND D KULKARNI FOR C/R1   
      FOR FURTHER ORDERS                                                                  (CP 2854/2012)                 
      IA-1/2012 FOR CD OF 860 DAYS                                                        R2-R10 ARE DISPENSED WITH      
      IN FILING THE APPEAL                                                                                               
      IA-3/2012 FOR PRODUCTION                                                                                           
      ADDL. DOCUMENTS FOR                                                                                                
      IA-2/2012 FOR STAY FOR                                                                                             
      (BOTH LCR KEPT BELOW)                                                                                              

  12. RSA      6228/2012             (DEC/INJ ,        ) G B NAIK & SMT P G NAIK           M G NAGANURI FOR R1,.R2(B-G)   
      FURNISHING OF FPF, CA, ACK,                                                         AND BY GPA HOLDER              
      COVERS, COPIES ETC., TO                                                             R2(A)-ACK RETURNED             
      ISSUE NOTICE TO R2(A)                                                                                              
      (FOR 2ND TIME)                                                                                                     

  13. RP       1562/2013             (        ,        ) V R DATAR                                                        
      IN WP 63505/2009 (S-RES)                                                                                           
      NON-COMPLIANCE OF O/OBJNS                                                                                          
      AT SL.NO.1-4                                                                                                       
      FOR FIRST TIME                                                                                                     

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 3
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
  14. RSA      5215/2013             (DEC/INJ ,        ) S G KADADAKATTI                   AVINASH BANAKAR FOR R1-R12     
      FOR FURTHER ORDERS                                M B GONDI                         R13 IS MINOR REP. BY M/G R12   
      (LCR IN OS AWAITED)                                                                                                

  15. RFA      100106/2014           (        ,        ) UMESH C AINAPUR                   P G KULKARNI & L C KULKARNI    
      NON-COMPLIANCE OF O/OBJNS                                                           FOR C/R1-R4 (CP2557/2014)      
      AT SL.NO.2,16 & 17                                                                  NOTE:CAVEAT RETURNED WITH O/O  
      (FOR 1ST TIME)                                                                                                     

                     HEARING - INTERLOCUTORY APPLN
  16. RFA      1292/2004             (PAR     ,        ) SATHISH M S & SANTOSH M S         R1A SUDHA SD                   
      FOR FURTHER ORDERS                                BAPU K BHENDIGERI - APPLNT        R3-7,R9,R11 ARE LRS OF DECD-R2 
      1) IA-1/2013 FOR CD IN FILING                                                       S B HEBBALLI FOR R3-6,R11      
      THE RECALLING APLN                                                                  RAVIRAJ C PATIL FOR R7-R8&R10  
      (THE DELAY OF 120 DAYS)                                                             R9 ASHOK SD                    
      2) IA-2/2013 FOR RECALLING                                                          R12,R13B-C : SERVICE HELD      
      THE ORDER DTD: 13-06-2013                                                           SUFFICIENT                     
      3) IA-3/2013 FOR STAY                                                               R13A-DECEASED                  
      4) IA-4/2013 FOR CD IN FILING                                                       R13D SUNITA V BELGAONKAR SD    
      THE RECALLING APLN                                                                  R13E S S KHOT SD               
      (THE DELAY OF 120 DAYS)                                                             R14- NOTICE DISPENSED WITH     
      5) IA-5/2013 FOR RECALLING                                                          (R13B-E ARE TREATED AS         
      ORDER DTD: 13-06-2013                                                               LRS OF DECD. R13A)             
      (THE APPEAL IS DISPOSED ON                                                                                         
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                                                                                    

  17. RP       1515/2009             (        ,        ) F V PATIL                         S G KADADAKATTI &              
      IN RSA 1155/1995                                                                    LINGESH V KATTIMANI FORR1(A&B) 
      FOR FURTHER ORDERS                                                                  RAMACHANDRA D LAMANI : R2-SD   
      MISC.CVL.102134/2009 FOR                                                            RAJA NAIK D LAMANI : R3-SD     
      PERMISSION TO PROSECUTE                                                                                            
      MISC.CVL.101755/2009 FOR CD                                                                                        
      4039 DAYS IN FILING                                                                                                
      STATEMENT OF OBJN ON MAIN                                                                                          
      PETITION FILED BY ADV FOR                                                                                          
      R1A & R1B                                                                                                          
      MEMO FOR PRODUCTION OF                                                                                             
      MEMO FOR PRODUCTION OF                                                                                             
      SUCCESSION CERTIFICATE                                                                                             
      (RSA 1155/1995 ONLY ORIGINAL                                                                                       
      ORDER SHEET AND FAIR COPY                                                                                          
      OF JUDGEMENT AND DECREE                                                                                            
      KEPT BELOW)                                                                                                        

  18. RSA      1429/2010             (RES     ,        ) S V SHASTRI : RAVINDRANATH K      DINESH M KULKARNI :            
      IA-1/2013 FOR BRINGING LR'S                       RAVI HEGDE FOR PROPOSED           VIDYA D KULKARNI               
      OF DECD APPLNT. NO.2 ON                           LR'S OF DECD APPLNT.NO.2                                         
      RECORD AS APPLNT. 2(A-G)                                                                                           
      (APPEAL FILED INTIME)                                                                                              

  19. RSA      1430/2010             (MON     ,        ) S V SHASTRI & RAVINDRANATH K      DINESH M KULKARNI              
      IA-1/2013 FOR BRINGING LR'S                       RAVI HEGDE FOR PROPOSED                                          
      OF DECD APPLNT.NO.2 ON                            LR'S DECD APPLNT.NO.2                                            
      RECORD AS APPLNT.2(A-G)                                                                                            
      (APPLN FILED INTIME)                                                                                               

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 4
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
  20. RP       1537/2010             (        ,        ) S G KADADAKATTI : M B GONDI       R1,R4 ARE SD                   
      IN RSA 838/2007                                   LINGESH V KATTIMANI               GOVT. ADV. FOR R2              
      MISC.CVL.107339/2011 FOR CD                                                         RAVI N CHIKKARADDER FOR R3     
      OF 78 DAYS IN FILING                                                                                               
      MISC.CVL.107348/2011 FOR                                                                                           
      PRODUCTION OF ADDL.                                                                                                

  21. RSA      5443/2010             (DEC/INJ ,        ) V R DATAR : V M SHEELVANT         N P VIVEKMEHTA FOR R1(A,C) &   
      IA-1/2013 FOR CD IN FILING                        MADAN MOHAN M KANNUR              R4&R5                          
      THE LR'S APPLN.                                   FOR APLLNT.NO.2 & 4               R1B-DECEASED                   
      (DATE OF DEATH OF R1(B) NOT                                                         GOVERNMENT ADV. FOR R2         
      MENTIONED)                                                                          VEERESH R BUDHIHAL FOR R3      
      IA-3/2013 FOR SETTING ASIDE                                                         R1(B)(I)-SERVED                
      THE ABATEMENT                                                                                                      
      IA-2/2013 FOR BRINGING LR'S                                                                                        
      OF DECD R1(B) ON RECORD AS                                                                                         
      OFFICE OBJECTION A/W                                                                                               
      COUNSEL SUBMISSION                                                                                                 
      (BOTH LCR KEPT BELOW)                                                                                              

  22. RSA      5989/2011             (        ,        ) V P KULKARNI : V R DATAR          HANUMANTHAREDDY SAHUKAR        
      IA-4/2014 FOR STAY                                                                  FOR C/R1&R2 (CP 2835/2011)     
      (THE APPEAL IS DISMISSED                                                                                           
      ON 14/08/2014)                                                                                                     
      (AG+FC KEPT BELOW)                                                                                                 

  23. RP       1633/2012             (        ,        ) SHRIKANTH T PATIL                 M G NAGANURI : S V DESHPANDE   
      IN RSA 5985/2010                                  RAVI S BALIKAI                    A V NADAGOUDAR &               
      FOR FURTHER ORDERS                                                                  NAGAPPA TUKKAI                 
      1) IA 1/2012 FOR CD OF 26 DAYS                                                                                     
      IN FILING                                                                                                          
      2) MEMO FOR RETIREMENT                                                                                             
      FILED BY ADV FOR APPELLANT                                                                                         

  24. RFA      4097/2012             (PAR     ,        ) V M SHEELVANT                     S B HEBBALLI FOR R1 & R2       
      FOR FURTHER ORDERS                                V S KOUJALAGI                     R3, R5, R6, R8 & R9 ARE SERVED 
      IA-2/2012 FOR CD OF 2 DAYS                                                          R4 & R7-DISPENSED WITH         
      IN FILING                                                                                                          
      IA-1/2012 FOR STAY                                                                                                 

  25. RSA      6106/2012             (DEC     ,        ) M G NAGANURI                      MRUTUNJAYA TATA BANGI          
      FOR FURTHER ORDERS                                S V DESHPANDE                     FOR R1-R5                      
      IA-1/2012 FOR CD OF 455 DAYS                      A V NADAGOUDAR                                                   
      IN FILING THE APPEAL                                                                                               

  26. RFA      4203/2013             (PAR     ,        ) SRINAND A PACHHAPURE              G I GACHCHINAMATH :            
      FOR FURTHER ORDERS                                PALLAVI S PACHHAPURE              C C YELLATTI FOR R1            
      IA-1/2014 FOR CD OF 306 DAYS                      RAJENDRA R PATIL                  R2-SERVED                      
      IN FILING                                                                           R3-DECEASED                    
      IA-2/2014 FOR SETTING ASIDE                                                         R3(A-C) ARE SERVED             
      THE ABATEMENT                                                                       R4 & R5-HELD SUFFICIENT        
      IA-3/2014 FOR BRINGING LR'S                                                         R6-R11-NOTICE DISPENSED WITH   
      OF DECD R3 ON RECORD AS                                                                                            

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 5
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
  27. RSA      5714/2013             (SP      ,        ) S S PATIL & MAHANTESH R PATIL     B K MALLIGAWAD                 
      IA-1/2013 FOR CD OF 90 DAYS                                                                                        
      IN FILING                                                                                                          
      IA 1/2014 FOR STAY                                                                                                 

  28. RSA      5546/2009             (PAR     ,        ) LAXMAN T MANTAGANI &              R2,R5,R6 & R7 ARE SERVED       
      (BOTH LCR KEPT BELOW)                             G.R.TURAMARI                      R1,R3,R4 & R8-HELD SUFFICIENT  

  29. RSA      5052/2010             (DEC/INJ ,        ) G I GACHCHINAMATH &               R1-R3 ARE SERVED               
      MISC.CVL.100456/10 FOR                            VEERESH H.M.                                                     
      STATUS QUO                                                                                                         
      (BOTH LCR KEPT BELOW)                                                                                              

  30. RSA      5548/2010             (        ,        ) CHANDRASHEKHAR N HARLAPUR         NARAYAN V YAJI                 
      MISC CVL 105142/10 FOR STAY                       S S TATTIMANI : P H TOTAD                                        
      (BOTH LCR'S KEPT BELOW)                                                                                            
     Connected With
  RSA          5609/2009                                 NARAYAN V YAJI                    CHANDRASHEKHAR N HARLAPUR     
      MISC CVL 104393/2010 FOR T.I.                                                       FOR C/R1&R2 ( CP 2729/09)      
      A/W STATEMENT OF OBJECTION                                                                                         
      MISC CVL 105598/11 FOR STAY                                                                                        

  31. RSA      5727/2010             (        ,        ) G R ANDANIMATH : D L LADKHAN      PRASHANTH T AREGULI &          
      (BOTH LCR KEPT BELOW)                             P S BENDIGERI                     S R HEGDE FOR C/R1(CP 2733/10) 
                                                                                          R2-R4 ARE SERVED               

  32. RSA      5089/2011             (PAR     ,        ) SANJAY S KATAGERI                 SHREEVATSA S HEGDE             
      (BOTH LCR KEPT BELOW)                                                               FOR R4-R6 & R8                 
                                                                                          R1-R3,R7,R9-R11 ARE SERVED     

  33. RSA      5646/2011             (PAR     ,        ) H R BENTUR                        V G BHAT : VINAY S HEGDE       
      IA-1/2012 FOR PRIODUCTION OF                                                                                       
      IA-1/2014 FOR FRAMING ADDL.                                                                                        
      SUBSTANTIAL QUESTION                                                                                               
      OF LAW                                                                                                             
      (BOTH LCR'S KEPT BELOW)                                                                                            
     Connected With
  RSA.CROB     52/2012                                   V G BHAT : V S HEGDE              H R BENTUR                    

  34. RSA      5780/2011             (PAR     ,        ) V P KULKARNI                      K L PATIL FOR R1               
      (BOTH LCR KEPT BELOW)                             PRABHAKAR A KULKARNI              DINESH M KULKARNI FOR R2       
                                                                                          A.M.GHALI FOR C/R              
                                                                                          (CN : 2732/2011)               

  35. RFA      4007/2013             (        ,        ) M G NAGANURI                      ARVIND D KULKARNI              
                                                        S V DESHPANDE                                                    

  36. RSA      5609/2013             (PAR     ,        ) SACHIN S MAGADUM                  M G NAGANURI FOR R1-R4         
      IA-2/2013 FOR STAY                                                                  R6-SERVED                      
                                                                                          R5-DISPENSED WITH              

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 6
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
  37. RSA      5658/2013             (DEC/INJ ,        ) G I GACHCHINAMATH                 M H PATIL : PRAKASH S UDIKERI  
      IA-1/2013 FOR STAY                                N B NISHANIMATH                   FOR R1 & R2                    
      IA-2/2013 FOR PRODUCTION                                                            GOVT. ADV. FOR R3              
      OF ADDL. DOCUMENTS.                                                                 R4-SERVED                      
      (BOTH LCR KEPT BELOW)                                                                                              

  38. RSA      100551/2014           (        ,        ) K RAGHAVENDRA RAO AND                                            
      IA-1/2014 FOR STAY                                VIDYA IYER AND BRUNDA RAO                                        

                     FINAL HEARING

  39. RFA      1254/2005             (MON     ,        ) S.V.SHASTRI : RAVI.S.HEGDE        K.RAGHAVENDRA RAO : V VIDYA    
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                   K.RAVINDRANATH                    A.MADHUSUDHANA RAO             

  40. RFA      1933/2005             (PAR     ,        ) S V SHASTRI : RAVI S HEGDE        K.RAGHAVENDRA RAO : V.VIDYA    
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                   K RAVINDRANATH                    RAGHAVENDRA P HOGADE           
                                                                                          M N PRASANNA                   

  41. RFA      2061/2005             (RES     ,        ) GURUDEV.I.GACHCHINAMATH           K.CHANDRANATH.ARIGA FOR R1     
      (PB DISPENSED WITH)                               VEERESH.H.M                       RAMAPPA WALIKAR : R2-SD        

  42. RSA      5328/2009             (PAR     ,        ) V SHIVARAJA HIREMATH              SUNITHA P KALASOOR             
     Connected With
  RSA          5272/2009                                 SUNITHA P KALASOOR                V SHIVARAJ HIREMATH           
                                                                                          FOR R1,R3,R4 & R6              

  43. RFA      3089/2010             (PAR     ,        ) K ANANDKUMAR                      ANAND.R.KOLLI & D S PAWAR      
      PB KEPT BELOW                                     V P KULKARNI FOR A1-A10           FOR C/R1-R4 (CP 2555/2010)     

  44. RFA      3040/2011             (SP/DE/IN,        ) J S SHETTY ASSOCIATES             SHIVASAI M PATIL &             
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                   M M MALAGI                        H S NAYAK FOR R1,R2            
                                                                                          R3-THE AREA MANAGER,           
                                                                                          LIC, HOUSING FINANANCE LTD.,   
---------------------------- END -----------------------------------------------------------------------
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