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             ON Wednesday  THE 27TH DAY OF August    2014 
                        AT 10.30 AM
                   COURT HALL NO : 4
                	LIST NO : 1
NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 1
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp

   1. RP       1505/2009             (        ,        ) P G MOGALI                        R1-ABATED                      
      IN RSA 679/2000                                                                                                    
      NON-FURNISHING OF FPF,                                                                                             
      POSTAL ADDRESS COVER,ACK                                                                                           
      TO ISSUE NOTICE TO R2-R5                                                                                           
      FOR 2ND TIME                                                                                                       
      (MISC.CVL.100213/2009 FOR                                                                                          
      CD OF 1827 DAYS IN FILING                                                                                          
      THE PETITION IS PENDING)                                                                                           
   2. RSA      5659/2010             (PAR     ,        ) B V SOMAPUR : S.M.NADAF           B S KAMATE                     
      EXPLORING THE FURTHER                             FOR PROPOSED A.NO.1(A)&5                                         
      POSSIBILITY OF SETTLEMENT                                                                                          
     Connected With
  RSA.CROB     100004/2014                               B S KAMATE                        B V SOMAPUR                   
      EXPLORING THE FURTHER                                                                                              
      POSSIBILITY OF SETTLEMENT                                                                                          

   3. RSA      5998/2010             (PAR     ,        ) GODE NAGARAJA &                   T M NADAF FOR R1-R4,R6-R8 &    
      ACCEPTANCE OF MEMO FOR                            SADANAND D GOUDA                  R10-R12                        
      HAVING PUBLISHED THE                                                                R5,R9-ABATED                   
      NOTICE TO R13 BY WAY OF                                                             R13-IN SUFFICEENT ADDRESS      
      PAPER PUBLICATION                                                                                                  
      "PRAJA SHAKTI" DAILY NEWS                                                                                          
      PAPER KARNOOL EDITION                                                                                              
   4. RFA      3125/2011             (        ,        ) ARUN L NEELOPANT                  SRINAND A PACHCHAPURE          
      V/O/D/29/08/2013, 20/03/2014 &                    SHRIHARASHA NEELOPANT             FOR C/R1,R2,R4 & R5            
      04/07/2014, NON FILING OF                                                           R3, R6,R7,R8 ARE SERVED        
      MEMO A/W ACK FOR HAVING                                                             R9-ADDRESSEE NOT IN RESIDING   
      SERVED THE APPEAL MEMO                                                              AT SOLAPUR VILLAGE             
      TO THE COUNSEL APPEARING                                                                                           
      IN THE LOWER COURT FOR R9                                                                                          
      NON TAKING STEPS FOR                                                                                               
      SUBSTITUTED SERVICE OF                                                                                             
      NOTICE IN R/O R9                                                                                                   
     Connected With
  RFA          3130/2011                                 SRINAND A PACHHAPURE              ARUN L NEELOPANT &            
      NON FILING OF MEMO A/W                                                              SHRIHARSH A NEELOPANT          
      ACKNOWLEDGEMENT FOR                                                                 FOR R1-R4                      
      HAVING SERVED THE APPEAL                                                            HAMANTAPPA :R5-SD              
      MEMO TO THE COUNSEL                                                                 R6-THE ADDRESSEE NOT IN        
      APPEARING IN THE LOWER                                                              RESIDING AT SOLAPUR VILLAGE    
      COURT FOR R6                                                                                                       
      NON TAKING STEPS FOR                                                                                               
      SUBSTITUTED SERVICE OF                                                                                             
      NOTICE IN R/O R6                                                                                                   

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 2
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
   5. RSA      5427/2011             (DEC/INJ ,        ) MALLIKARJUN C BASAREDDY                                          
      NON TAKING STEPS IN R/O                                                                                            
      DECD APPLNT.NO.1                                                                                                   

   6. RSA      5568/2011             (PAR     ,        ) V P KULKARNI                      V G BHAT FOR SOLE RESPNT.      
      FOR FURTHER ORDERS                                                                                                 
      (BOTH LCR ARE AWAITED)                                                                                             

   7. RSA      5794/2011             (DEC     ,        ) F V PATIL                         SHIVARAJ HIREMATH FOR R1       
      REPORTING OF SETTLEMENT                                                             R2(A,B) & R3 ARE SERVED        
      (BOTH LCR KEPT BELOW)                                                                                              

   8. RSA      5241/2012             (DEC     ,        ) P N HOSAMANE                      R M KULKARNI FOR R1            
      FURNISHING OF FPF, CA, ACK,                                                         R2-ADDRESSEE NOT AT THE        
      COVERS, COPIES ETC., TO                                                             GIVEN ADDRESS                  
      ISSUE NOTICE TO R2                                                                                                 
      FOR 2ND TIME                                                                                                       

   9. RSA      5765/2012             (DEC/INJ ,        ) VISHWANATH BADIGER                                               
      NON FURNISHING OF FPF, CA,                                                                                         
      ACK, COVERS, COPIES ETC.,                                                                                          
      TO ISSUE NOTICE TO RESPNT.                                                                                         

  10. RSA      5969/2012             (RES     ,        ) K L PATIL : S S BENTURMATH        R1(A)-DECEASED                 
      STEPS TO BE TAKEN IN R/O                                                            R2-REFUSED                     
      DECD R1(A)                                                                          R4-NOT KNOWN                   
      AS TO SUFFICIENCY SERVICE                                                           R3, R5, R6 , R7-POSTAL SHARA   
      OF NOTICE RETURNED AS                                                               DIFFERENCE IN FATHER NAME      
      REFUSED BY R2                                                                       R8-SERVED                      
      FURNISHING OF FPF, CA, ACK,                                                                                        
      COVERS, COPIES ETC., TO                                                                                            
      ISSUE NOTICE TO R3-R7                                                                                              
      (FOR 2ND TIME)                                                                                                     

  11. RSA      6187/2012             (PAR     ,        ) R M KULKARNI                      M G NAGANURI : S V DESHPANDE   
      AS TO SUFFICIENCY SERVICE                         HEMALEKHA K S                     FOR R1 & R2                    
      OF NOTICE RETURNED AS NOT                                                           SHARAD V MAGADUM FOR R9        
      CLAIMED BY R8 OR OTHERWISE                                                          R3-R7 ARE SERVED               
                                                                                          R8-NOT CLAIMED                 
  12. RFA      4149/2013             (        ,        ) NARAYAN G RASALKAR                R1-ADDRESSEE LEFT              
      ACCEPTANCE PAPER                                                                    SHREEVATSA S HEGDE FOR R2      
      PUBLICATION OF SERVICE                                                                                             
      OF NOTICE TO R1 IN                                                                                                 
      "TARUN BHARATH" DAILY                                                                                              
      NEWS PAPER IN BELGAUM                                                                                              
  13. RFA      4158/2013             (RES     ,        ) VEENA HEGDE                       R1-INSUFFICIENT ADDRESSEE      
      NON FILING OF MEMO A/W                                                                                             
      ACK FOR HAVING SERVED                                                                                              
      THE COPY TO APPEARING                                                                                              
      FOR THE PETITIONER IN FDP                                                                                          
      AS PER ORDER DTD:02/07/2014                                                                                        
  14. RSA      5271/2013             (PAR     ,        ) K L PATIL                         GODE NAGARAJ FOR R1            
      NON FURNISHING OF FPF, CA,                        H R PATIL                         R3-R9 ARE SERVED               
      ACK, COPIES, COVERS ETC.,                         S S BETURMATH                     R2-DECD.                       
      TO ISSUE NOTICE TO PROPOSED                                                                                        
      LR'S OF DECD R2                                                                                                    

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 3
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
  15. RSA      5724/2013             (        ,        ) R H ANGADI &                                                     
      NON-COMPLIANCE OF O/OBJNS                         SHIVUKUMAR S BENDIGERI                                           
      AT SL.NO.7-9 (4TH TIME)                                                                                            
      OFFICE OBJECTION AT SL.                                                                                            
      NO.4 & 6 A/W COUNSEL                                                                                               

  16. RSA      5829/2013             (INJ     ,        ) PATIL M H : G S HULMANI           R1-R2 ARE SERVED               
      FURNISHING OF FPF, C/A,                                                             R3-R4 INSUFFICIENT ADDRESSEE   
      COVERS, ACK AND COPIES                                                                                             
      ETC FOR ISSUE E/NOTICE TO                                                                                          
      R3 & R4                                                                                                            
      FOR 3RD TIME                                                                                                       

  17. RSA      100196/2014           (        ,        ) RAJASHEKHAR BURJI                                                
      NON-COMPLIANCE OF O/OBJNS                                                                                          
      FOR 1ST TIME                                                                                                       

  18. RSA      100217/2014           (        ,        ) B C JNANAYYA                      M G NAGANURI &                 
      FOR FURTHER ORDERS                                ANAND.R.KOLLI                     S V DESHPANDE FOR R1 & R2      
      (BOTH LCR ARE AWAITED)                                                                                             

  19. RSA      100241/2014           (        ,        ) GODE NAGARAJA                     S S YADRAMI                    
      OFFICE OBJECTION AT SL.NO.2                                                                                        
      A/W COUNSEL SUBMISSION                                                                                             

                     HEARING - INTERLOCUTORY APPLN

  20. RSA      5257/2010             (PAR     ,        ) HEMANTHKUMAR L HAVARAGI           HEMANT CHANDANAGOUDAR          
      IA-1/2014 FOR APPOINTMENT                                                           FOR C/R1,R2 (CP 2509/2010)     
      OF RECEIVER A/W STATEMENT                                                           HEMANTH CHANDANAGOUDAR         
      OF OBJECTION                                                                        FOR R2                         
      (BOTH LCR KEPT BELOW)                                                               RAJASHEKHAR PASAPPAGOL         
                                                                                          FOR R3(A-F)                    

  21. RSA      5002/2011             (DEC/INJ ,        ) M G NAGANURI : S P PATIL          SANGRAM S KULKARNI FOR R1      
      IA-1/2014 FOR IMPLEADING THE                      FOR APPELLANT AND                 RAMESH N MISALE FOR R3         
      APPLICANT ON RECORD AS                            PROPOSED APPLNT.2-4               R2 & R4 ARE SERVED             
      APPLNT.NO.2-4 A/W STATEMENT                                                                                        
      OF OBJECTION                                                                                                       
      IA-2/2014 FOR WITHDRAW THE                                                                                         
      (BOTH LCR KEPT BELOW)                                                                                              

  22. RSA      5509/2011             (        ,        ) S M KALWAD                        HARSH DESAI FOR R1 & R2        
      FOR FURTHER ORDERS                                                                                                 
      MISC.CVL.106067/2011 FOR CD                                                                                        
      OF 335 DAYS IN FILING                                                                                              
     Connected With
  RSA          1776/2007                                 S M KALWAD                        HARSH DESAI FOR R1            
      (BOTH LCR KEPT BELOW)                             K NARASIMHA MURTHY                R2-SERVED                      

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 4
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
  23. RSA      5730/2011             (PAR     ,        ) M G NAGANURI                      SANTOSH B HATTIKATAGI          
      FOR FURTHER ORDERS                                S P PATIL                         FOR P. R1(A)                   
      IA-4/2014 FOR CD OF 983 DAYS                      S V DESHPANDE                                                    
      IN FILING THE LR'S APPLN.                                                                                          
      IA-2/2014 FOR SETTING ASIDE                                                                                        
      THE ABATEMENT                                                                                                      
      IA-3/2014 FOR BRINGING LR'S                                                                                        
      OF DECD R1 ON RECORD R1(A)                                                                                         

  24. RSA      5886/2011             (DEC/INJ ,        ) D B KARIGAR                       M G NAGANURI                   
      IA-1/2014 FOR CORRECTION IN                                                                                        
      THE CAUSE TITLE OF THE                                                                                             
      JUDGMENT PASSED BY THIS                                                                                            
      HON'BLE COURT ON 07/02/2014                                                                                        
      (AG+FC KEPT BELOW)                                                                                                 
  25. RSA      5934/2011             (        ,        ) DINESH M KULKARNI                 S S BETURMATH &                
      IA-2/2014 FOR CD OF 705 DAYS                                                        S B NAIK FOR C/R1              
      IN FILING THE LR'S APPLN.                                                           CP 2937/2011                   
      IA-3/2014 FOR SETTING ASIDE                                                                                        
      THE ABATEMENT                                                                                                      
      IA-1/2014 FOR BRINGING THE                                                                                         
      LR'S OF DECD APPLNT.NO.3                                                                                           
      ON RECORD AS APPLNT.3(A-C)                                                                                         
      (BOTH LCR KEPT BELOW)                                                                                              
  26. RSA      5258/2012             (PAR     ,        ) V R DATAR                         S G KADADAKATTI FOR R1-R4      
      FOR FURTHER ORDERS                                                                                                 
      IA-1/2013 FOR CD OF 149 DAYS                                                                                       
      IN FILING THE APPEAL                                                                                               
  27. MSA      100078/2014           (        ,        ) SURESH P HUDEDAGADDI                                             
      IA-2/2014 FOR CD IN FILING                        A C PURAD                                                        
      IA-1/2014 FOR STAY                                                                                                 


  28. RSA      5402/2009             (DEC/INJ ,        ) K RAGHAVENDRA RAO : V VIDYA       ANJINAMMA-SD                   
      (BOTH LCR KEPT BELOW)                                                                                              

  29. RSA      5450/2010             (        ,        ) SHRIKANT T PATIL                  J S SHETTY FOR R1 & R2         
      A/W NON COMPLIANCE OF THE                         SHAMS AHMED PATHAN AND            R3-DISPENSED WITH              
      OFFICE OBJECTIONS RAISED                          VENKATESH M KHARVI                                               
      ON MISC CVL 110150/2010                           G M SOMAKKALANAVAR                                               
      REG: COPY TO BE SD ON                                                                                              
      THE OTHERSIDE.                                                                                                     
      (THE TAHASILDAR, BHATKAL                                                                                           
      TALUK TO THE PRESENT                                                                                               
      BEFORE HON'BLE COURT                                                                                               
      AS ORDERED BY THIS HON'BLE                                                                                         
      COURT ON 11-4-2014)                                                                                                
      (BOTH LCR KEPT BELOW)                                                                                              

  30. RSA      5176/2011             (PAR     ,        ) S N BANAKAR                                                      
      MISC.CVL.102754/2011 FOR STAY                     LINGESH V KATTIMANI                                              

  31. RSA      5257/2011             (PAR     ,        ) M G NAGANURI : S P PATIL                                         
      MISC.CVL.103510/2011 FOR CD                                                                                        
      OF 113 DAYS IN FILING                                                                                              

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 5
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
  32. RSA      5364/2011             (DEC/INJ ,        ) M G NAGANURI                                                     
  33. RSA      5467/2011             (SP      ,        ) R M HIREMATH                      CP 2594/2011 PUT UP A/W        
      A/W MISC.CVL.105508/2011 FOR                      HARISH S MAIGUR                   RSA 5462/11 ON 1-12-2011       

  34. RSA      6078/2011             (DEC/INJ ,        ) B S KAMATE                        M C HUKKERI FOR R2             
      (BOTH LCR KEPT BELOW)                                                               R1(A-E) ARE SERVED             

  35. RSA      6219/2012             (RES     ,        ) K L PATIL,H R PATIL               M G GADAGOLI FOR R4            
      IA-1/2012 FOR APPOINTMENT                         S S BETURMATH                     A C CHAKALABBI ASSTS FOR R1&R2 
      A1 AS MINOR GUARDIAN FOR                          S B NAIK                          R3-SERVED                      
      A2 FOR ORDERS                                     J K KABBUR                                                       
      IA-2/2012 FOR STAY FOR                                                                                             
      (LCR IN OS KEPT BELOW)                                                                                             

  36. RSA      5405/2013             (        ,        ) V G BHAT                          S V PATIL FOR C/R1(CP2613/2013)
      IA-1/2013 FOR STAY                                ANAND NADAGOUDAR                                                 

  37. RSA      5806/2013             (        ,        ) R H ANGADI & H S NAYAK            DINESH.M. KULKARNI &           
      (BOTH LCR KEPT BELOW)                             S.N. BADIGER                      ARA NADAGADI FOR R2-R4         
                                                                                          R1(A&B)-ARE SERVED             

                     FINAL HEARING
  38. RSA      895/2004              (INJ     ,        ) M G NAGANURI                      MRUTHUNJAYA TATA BANGI         
      IA-1/2014 FOR AMENDEMENT OF                       SRINANDA A PACHCHAPURE            G S KANNUR                     
      PLAINT A/W STATEMENT OF                                                                                            
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                                                                                    

  39. RFA      390/2005              (PAR     ,        ) I G GACHCHINAMATH &               MRUTYUNJAY TATA BANGI          
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                   G I GACHCHINAMATH                 SHASHIKALA M BANGI FOR R1      

  40. RSA      455/2005              (PAR     ,        ) T HANUMAREDDY FOR A1-A5           G BALAKRISHNA SHASTRY          
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                   D L N RAO & S R ANURADHA          FOR R1,R2,R6,R7                
                                                                                          J M ANILKUMAR FOR R3,R5        
                                                                                          NEMANNA :R4-SD THROUGH PAPER   

  41. RSA      1142/2008             (RES     ,        ) HARSH DESAI                       SHRIKANT T PATIL FOR R1        
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                                                     RAVINDRA PATIL FOR R2          
                                                                                          R1(A&B),R1,R4,R5 ARE           
                                                                                          LRS OF DECD R3                 
                                                                                          LAXMAN T MANTAGANI FOR R4 & R5 

  42. RFA      3040/2011             (SP/DE/IN,        ) J S SHETTY ASSOCIATES             SHIVASAI M PATIL &             
      (PB KEPT BELOW)                                   M M MALAGI                        H S NAYAK FOR R1,R2            
                                                                                          R3-THE AREA MANAGER,           
                                                                                          LIC, HOUSING FINANANCE LTD.,   

  43. RSA      5118/2012             (DEC/INJ ,        ) R H ANGADI & H S NAYAK            S N BANAKAR FOR R1-R3          
                                                        S M PATIL                                                        
---------------------------- END -----------------------------------------------------------------------
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